Company details
DosXtremos C.B.
VAT: E72311798
Address:Urb. Roche – 11149 Conil de la Frontera – Cádiz –España
Tel: 00 34 619096140


Originally a husband-wife team that left Madrid for Spain’s deep south and a change of virtually everything, we came up with the idea of DosXtremos in 2006, the catalyst being the need to increase the number of people renting our own properties, one in La Coruña and the other in Cadiz, Atlantic Spain’s two wonderful extremes. And since then, even though the business has grown (we now manage a number of properties for other owners), our goal has always been the same: to try and tell other people about these two wonderful and relatively undeveloped areas of Spain that have brought us so much happiness!  For this reason, the website has a heavy focus on regional information and includes details on the activities that we enjoy, both individually and as a family with young children. 

All our houses are in the provinces of La Coruña and Cadiz, although there is a significant bias towards Cadiz, because that is where we live. Each house has been chosen because it has something special to offer, and we have tried to ensure that the mix meets a variety of tastes and requirements. In the case of the Cadiz properties, we live close by, meaning we are on-hand for problem solving and making recommendations. You may prefer to lounge by the pool (all our pools are extremely tempting!), but if you do want to explore, we have suggestions to fill a lot more than two weeks! As for La Coruña, we personally are a long way away, but the properties are well looked after and our list of recommendations is even longer (to offset the less predictable weather!) In addition, we have a close and productive working relationship with all our owners, and we believe this shows in the way our properties are maintained.

You may well have contacted us via Internet, which means you will probably be concerned about who we are…and rightly so! Holiday rentals are a prime target for Internet fraudsters, and there are plenty of stories of bogus websites, pretend owners, and deceived travelers. For this reason, we would encourage you not only to take a look at our Facebook page, where previous clients have left comments (also see the Reviews page on the website), but also to CALL US! We too have questions about you (we get several false enquiries every week), and a telephone conversation, a Skype, or a Facetime will help to make both you and us a lot more comfortable.

And just to return to that original idea, those two extremes: Cadiz and La Coruña are quite different, but equally fabulous; and we are able and eager to tell you all sorts of things about both. It is a simple recipe: the better the information we give you, the more likely you are to have a good time….and therefore to return!