Not only is the river Eume one of Spain’s most beautiful rivers (running out to sea through a perfect example of Atlantic forest, the Fragas de Eume Natural Reserve), but it is also one of the best spots in the country for catching trout and salmon-trout. There are no longer any salmon here (for these you have to go to the river Mandeo), but the season for trout runs from mid-March through to mid-August and for salmon-trout from May through to September (exact dates change each year).

Some English fishermen I met a couple of years ago told me that the Eume was probably the most beautiful river they had fished anywhere in the world, but that because of its beauty it was very difficult to catch any fish! According to them, the perfectly clear water enables the fish to see you coming and the abundance of food resulting from the valley’s subtropical microclimate means that your bate is of little interest anyway! However, local anglers tell a different story and the guide that Dos Xtremos will introduce you to is recognised as one of the most successful fishermen on the river. And, even if the fish are not biting, you will enjoy what is spectacular scenery!

To fish on any river in , you will need a license (Licencia) and this can only be obtained by going in person to the appropriate regional government building in Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, or Ferrol. The nearest of these if you are staying near Cedeira is Ferrol and the Xunta’s building is to be found in the Plaza de España. There are certain stretches of the river that are owned by syndicates and to fish on these you will also need a daily permit.