There are several places along this coast offering routes on horseback, and the scenery is wonderful, whether it be beach, mountain, or high above the banks of the river Eume. However, the place that we tend to steer our guests towards is the Granxa do Souto, in the village of Mera, between Cedeira and Ortigueira. The Granxo do Souto is an excellent, family-run riding school set in the lovely grounds of an old pazo, with paddocks running down to the river Mera.

The school is open all year and offers everything from treks for total beginners to classes in jumping, dressage, and cross-country for all levels. Instructors speak english and french as well as Spanish and the school will organise programmes to adapt to your specific needs (weekend, one week, two weeks, children, adults, etc…)

In our view, the school is extremely well run and the scenery, tucked in behind the Sierra de Capelada, is green Galicia at is best.

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