The Zaída sailing school (see link below) runs sailing courses out of the old Almadraba port in Sancti Petri.

Run by Zaída Diez Herrero for the last 13 years, the school runs courses for adults and children aged 7 and above, and uses a selection of dinghies, including Lasers, Optimists, Cadets, Catamarans, and Electrons. Also available are windsurfing classes and courses on the school’s 8-metre yacht. Zaída currently opens from the beginning of July through to the end of September, but is considering extending this season. Prices for week-long courses range from €90 to €120 (this involves 21/2 hours of class each morning or afternoon in the case of dinghy courses, 2 hours for windsurfing, and 3 hours for courses in yacht sailing). These prices include all the relevant insurance.