Exposed to the swells that roll in from the Atlantic and also those kicked up by the more local Levante wind, the coast between the city of Cadiz and Tarifa offer excellent surfing conditions for all sorts of levels. And with a minimum average water temperature of 16º, the waves can be enjoyed throughout the year. The spring and autumn are perhpas the best seasons, when both the Levante (easterly) wind and westerlies off the Atlantic provide consistently good waves; the winter tends to be big-wave season, when soutwesterly storms bring all sorts of conditions; and then summer normally brings the smallest waves, but also the warmest water (up to 24º)! 

There are a good veriety of beaches where you can surf: from the the city centre of Cadiz (!), to the huge sandy break at Roche (where a number of our houses are walking distance), to the reef and sand (and slightly bigger but slower wave) at El Palmar. Heading south from El Palmar, and just around the corner from the lighhouse at Cape Trafalgar, you have the reef break at Caños de Meca, and then a bit further south, just before Barbate, the famous break at Hierbabuena. While they are btter known for their windsurfing and kitesurfing (due to their greater exposure to the Levante), both Boloñia and Tarifa also have good waves. 

Equipment can be rented in Cadiz, in Roche (in season), in Conil and El Palmar, and in Tarifa.