I have now spent three summers in Golmar 13, and I can not imagine a summer in any other place. We are all different, and all we are looking for different characteristics of an accommodation. With that said, I would still say that this is a house that everyone would enjoy. It is one of the most beautiful and personal houses I stayed at, and it feels like a second home to me. 

The house itself is large and can accommodate many people. My friends and I usually spend 6 weeks in this house during the summer months, and it is held 12 people without any problem. The bedrooms are large, airy and have good natural light. The day can not be bad after waking up in these bedrooms. The beds are also large and comfortable.

The house has two large living rooms, and these are perfect for a group to sit and hang out at. The rooms are large and have comfortable sofas, and one in the living room has a wide window overlooking the Atlantic. The second living room has a large fireplace, and here we have spent many wonderful evenings by the fireplace, playing cards and drinking tea.

The kitchen is large and spacious, and the surfaces are good for cooking. There are also tables and chairs in the kitchen, so you can hang out there while cooking. There is also a lovely dining room where you can enjoy long dinners.

And then it is the nature that surrounds the house. There is not much that beats it. The garden is really amazingly beautiful, and I love to spend long days in the shade under one of the trees in the garden. It is surrounded by green nature and eucalyptus trees, and dramatic cliffs along the coast. The view is spectacular, and the sunsets here are incredibly beautiful. Birds chirping day long, and you can really find a peace of mind when you're there.

For families, this is a perfect destination to travel to. Because the house is so protected from major roads and traffic so the kids can run free and play. There is also much to do, and my friends and I usually spend several hours a day surfing on one of the beaches nearby. The waves are usually right size and good for beginners to learn on. The water is cold, but it's no problem if you acquire a good wetsuit.

I've also got a very good picture of the wonderful host Andrew. He will always help if something is needed or has gone wrong. It feels safe to have him as a host.

I can recommend this house with all of my heart. I hope for your sake that you go there. 

Gothenburg 01/03/2017