One of my favorite places in the entire world

I've been returning to Galicia every year since 2013. One of the reasons is the amazing and magical place, Golmar 13. 

Arriving from France, after a beautiful drive along the coastline of northern Spain, there's always a peculiar feeling entering the curvy roads in the Galician woods which are filled with impenetrable Eucalyptus. Suddenly, you get out from the trees and there it is, Golmar, overlooking the massive Atlantic ocean. The feeling is really in-explainable, but it stays with you the entire journey and in your memories when you've gotten home. 

The property is a well-maintained and modernized stone house made in typical Galician style. It is a very comfortable place to relax after a day of adventure - both inside the house and outside in the garden. The owner, Andrew, has always been very helpful to me and my friends during our stay. And so have the neighbors! If there was anything we needed help with when Andrew was not there we always asked them, with whom we've now become good friends. 

What I like about this part of Galicia is that it feels untouched. The general tourism is minimal. I mostly go surfing during the day (in uncrowded waves), but there are a lot of other things to experience and see around the area, for example the Herbeira Cliffs! 

I'm looking forward to returning again next summer!

Stockholm 01/07/2015