The house was stunning - even with our midwinter stay every moment of daylight flooded the house with brightness through the massive glass windows.  The central heating and log fire made for very comfortable evenings.  The kitchen was extremely well equipped - the only rental property we have taken where the kitchen knives were not only plentiful but sharp too.  Located so close to the beach our guests enjoyed runs along the sand or a pre-dinner stroll.  The frontier villages, each so different from each other, were only a short drive as was the cork oak forest where we watched around 70 Black Griffons soaring on the thermals above a crag.  The easy day trip to Tangier was an extra adventure that added a whole new continent to our Andalusian experience.
… and we were looked after too.  Andrew was a very helpful and charming host / manager.  He made it clear that if we needed anything or advice were were just to ask and he provided invaluable guidance on finding some of the smaller less obvious local eateries in the area. This was definitely a five-star-plus experience!

London 13/02/2018