If you are wanting a real experience of northern Spain, Golmar 13 will not disappoint.We have loved two family holidays here and can't believe how so few British travellers get here. If you love great local food ( the sea food is as good as the guides say! ), beautiful empty beaches ( and we come from Cornwall ), stunning views and real peace and quiet, you will want to return again and again. 

The house is RUSTIC ( not a 5 star hotel ) but is warm, well equipped and comfortable. Our children ( age range 6 to 22 ) are already planning next years stay. Wi fi made all the difference this time and lots of classic books to read. 
The views from the front garden are stunning looking down the coast ( count the light houses at night ) and use the short coast road down to Cedeira as again the views over the cliffs and around over Cederia bay are always good. 

Cedeira town is a real Galician fishing town, part old and part not so nice new but still great. Even the town beach is good with golden sand and gentle sea's. Travel a bit further and the beaches are some of the best and still quiet. The local food is fantastic but do take a good Spanish phase book because this is not a place for picture food menus! 

We travelled Portsmouth to Santandar via Brittany Ferries and then a 5 hour easy drive ( we stopped over in the Picos Mountain area for a couple of nights on the way down ) but watch the main road as it is still not completed so changes from fast dual to slow old A routes and back again but very quiet ( did not see another UK car the whole time we where there!). 

To sum up, very quiet, beautiful and right off the tourist route, perfect in our view.