This is the easiest (and perhaps the nicest) ride using Roche as your starting point. The route basically takes you along the cliff-tops to the lighthouse above the Puerto de Conil along a small stretch of paved road past the port itself, and then hugs the cliffs again all the way to Conil. For the return leg, you can either follow the same route or work your way (on a variety of routes) back through the pine forest on paved roads and/or forest tracks (sometimes very thick sand in dry summer months).

Distances are measured from the starting point at the Conil Exit from Roche

0Km……leave Roche via the Conil Exit and turn right at the mini-roundabout, heading down towards the sea (with Hotel on your right). At the end of this road turn left onto the track running along the top of the cliffs (you can actually pick up this track a little earlier and cycle along the path that runs parallel to the beach between the hotel and the beach). Follow the tracks along the top of the cliffs until you reach the lighthouse.

2Km….when you reach the lighthouse, you will have to take to the paved road, which takes you down a short but steep hill (careful with oncoming traffic on the sharp bend) to the Puerto de Conil. Turn left over the bridge (towards Conil) and then take the second entrance on your right (about 100m later). You are now off-road again (all the way to Conil) on dusty tracks that will take you around the back of the beach known as Cala de Aceite and then along the top of the cliffs (with lovely views of the clear water below) to the latest developments of the rapidly expanding Conil.

4.5Km….when you reach a modern development of white apartments (and the beginning of a paved road), you can either turn around and retrace your steps all the way back to Roche or you can take the slightly wider dusty track on your left, which will lead you past a number of houses on your right-hand side (and later on both sides of the track) all the way to the Conil-Roche road.

5Km….take the right-hand track at the fork, and about 1Km later you will hit the Conil-Roche road.

6Km…..turn left onto the road and head (with care as this is a dangerous stretch of road) towards the restaurant, Venta Cabo Roche.

6.3Km…turn right off the road at Venta Cabo Roche, back onto a wide dusty track….

6.7Km….track bends round to right and you take the sandy path running parallel on left-hand side

7Km….this sandy track widens and makes a sharp left

8Km….at a cross roads with a well made dusty road, you turn left

9Km….you will cross a small bridge and arrive back in Roche