A trickier ride that circles the rocky outcrop that looks down on Golmar. The route stays close to the hamlet, taking in the pretty Ermita de San Antonio de Corveiro, fabulous vertical sea views, and plenty of forest tracks (40% off-road). The longer version (13Km) drops down from the Ermita on a marked track to the port of Cedeira and then follows the paved road along to the town centre and back up the road to Trasmontes

Distances measured from Trasmontes turning on the Cedeira-Faro de Candelaria road

0Km….As you turn towards Trasmontes off the main road leading to the Faro, there is a very short but steep rise and after 100m (approx) there is the turning on your right to Golmar and on the left there is a forest track which you take up into the trees.

1Km….After a steady rise with lovely views down to Cedeira on the left where swathes of eucalyptus have been felled, you come to a small clearing where there is a track verging off to the right. Ignore this and carry straight on, and the track will start to drop steadily.

1.5Km…. Crossroads at which you turn right onto a track that will narrow and turn into a rocky, and quite tricky, descent.

2.5Km…..Turn left onto the paved road that runs between Trasmontes and the Ermita de San Antonio (turn right if you want to go straight back to Trasmontes).

4Km…..Ermita de San Antonio on your right with lovely views over the entrance to the Ría de Cedeira. Follow the road all the way to the junction with the main Cedeira-Faro de Candelaria road or, for the longer version (that takes you down past the old fort to the port of Cedeira an then along into the village and back up the road to the Faro de Candelaria), bear off right some 100m after the Ermita onto a small track marked by paint marks on the trees.

6Km (11Km on longer version)….junction with the Cedeira-Faro de Candelaria road. Head back up towards the Faro.

8Km (13Km)…..back to your starting point at the turn-off to Trasmontes.