A longer route, with 15Km off-road and no major climbs, this ride will take you inland some 10km, then around a 35km circuit in the country, before bringing you back along the same road to the coast. The inland section can get very warm in summer, when it is advisable to start early in the morning. The first 7km (approx) to the N-340 is basically flat, taking you first through the pine forest and then through scattered housing. Once you have crossed the main road, there is a gentle climb up through a slightly more built-up area and allotments until you reach the 11km marker. You are now in open-country, and the road now rises and dips pretty much all the way to the 20km marker. At this point you take to country tracks that are fast and dusty in summer (no big gradients) but can be very muddy after winter rain. Once you return to paved road (36.5km), it is a flat run back to the beginning of the circuit at the 11km marker. The paved roads are country roads but take care (this does not stop some drivers going at crazy speeds)!

Distances are measured from the starting point at the Sancti Petri exit from Roche

Head east along c/ Sauce (which marks Roche’s northern limit). Turn left onto fire-break at end of c/ Sauce. Turn right at the dust road that crosses the fire break.

3.2km……..dust road turns into a paved road

7.2km…….paved road reaches N-340. Cross N-340 by foot (and with care) and then head up lane opposite (Carril de Juana Vela).

8km…….turn left onto bigger paved road

8.5km……turn left at mini-roundabout, and keep right until

10.1km…..turn left onto slightly bigger paved road

10.8km….turn left at big roundabout (signed to Naveros)

11km……..turn left at big roundabout (signed to Naveros) and cross bridge over motorway

11.2km…..turn right at T-junction (signed to Naveros)

16km (approx)…..you will pass through a group of houses called Cañada el Taraje

20km…you will arrive at Naveros: take a left onto a well-made dust road just before you enter the hamlet and before crossing a little bridge.

20.5km….fork left onto less well-made track

22km (approx)….top of rise

25km (approx)….pass entrance to farm, La Esparagosilla, on left

26km (approx)…pass entrance to farm, La Nava, on right

29.5km…..turn left (immediately after entrance to farm called Cortijo la Mesa) onto a smaller dust track (marked Vereda del Alamillo)

30km…..keep right at fork

34.5km…..you will enter an informal urbanisation

34.9km…..turn left onto bumpy dust road, Camino el Rodeo

35.9km….road makes and “S” (right then left)

36.5km….turn left at T-junction onto paved road

39.8km….pass Bar, Venta la Raya, on right

43.7km….you reach the 11km marker (see above) from which you follow the route back to Roche