This is an easy ride if you start from Cedeira (30% paved / 70% off-road), taking you around the bay and through the forest to the lighthouse. It is more strenuous if you decide to start at Golmar 13 (remember, the house is situated at 250m above sea level!)

If you start in Cedeira centre, the route will take you along the back of the village’s Magdalena beach and then up a short but steep climb into the trees. You then continue along a marked track through the forest until you reach the Robaleira lighthouse, retracing your steps for the return journey.

Distances measured from the main roundabout in the centre of Cedeira

0Km…..take the road off the roundabout towards the beach (La Magdalena) and follow this road the length of the beach (ie right around the bay)

1Km… the end of the beach the road narrows and rises steeply into the trees

1.2Km….roughly 200m into the rise you will see a track on the right hand side (should be marked with green and red paint marks), which you take, heading into the forest.

3.2Km….you follow the green and red paint marks on the trees and rocks all the way through the forest, and after approximately 2Km the track tarts to drop quite sharply, and you reappear from the trees at the Robaleira lighthouse, from where you will be able to look back across the bay to Cedeira in one direction and out towards the open sea in the other. For the return journey, you simply retrace your steps.